How Do Shipments Work?

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The merchandise preparation procedures are constantly monitored by specialized personnel. All goods are carefully packaged with custom-designed packaging to avoid damage during transportation.

When the merchandise is shipped, the customer receives a notification email containing the shipment tracking (TRACKING) information (this allows monitoring the shipment directly from the computer or smartphone by accessing the carrier's website indicated in the email).

Any inability to receive the merchandise, changes to the delivery location, or periods of absence must be IMMEDIATELY communicated to Customer Service to proceed with the appropriate adjustments with the courier. In the absence of such communication, any storage charges may be applied to the customer.

The merchandise is in STOCK at the courier's depot due to repeated delivery failures and will remain available to the customer for a maximum of 5 business days; after this period, the order will be canceled, and the items will be returned to the sender, with a partial refund to the customer (net of shipping and storage fees accrued).

Any details necessary for the courier to reach the delivery location must be indicated in the order notes during the purchase process; please note that these notes are only indicative and not binding for the courier, therefore not guaranteed 100% (in case of "important" information, we recommend sending an email to specifying the order number).

The shipping process receives top priority attention from our staff

The shipping process receives top priority attention from our staff

The Shipping Times are indicated on each product page and, ON AVERAGE, are 2-4 WORKING DAYS. However, HDcasa cannot guarantee them 100%, as they may be subject to delays due to:

- the delivery location (e.g., in remote-difficult areas or on islands, such as Sardinia, Sicily, and smaller islands);

- logistic difficulties of the carriers used (e.g., strikes or unforeseen vehicle issues);

- the presence of holidays or sales (usually during these times, there is a high volume of deliveries, causing significant delays).

The indicated shipping times are therefore an ESTIMATE, calculated based on the AVERAGE from the history of previous shipments (based on the last ongoing semester); therefore, they may be advanced or delayed due to causes not directly attributable to HDcasa (such as strikes or peak deliveries near holidays).

If you have purchased products that are not immediately available (but in the production phase), the START DATE from our warehouses is the one highlighted in RED (e.g., Shipped from xx/yy/zzzz), in the product page during the purchase process (also available in the summary of your order).

Have you ordered multiple products? Take as a reference, for the start date from our warehouse, the product with the longest shipping time.

On AVERAGE, we ship within 3-5 WORKING DAYS


Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check:

- that the number of packages delivered and the external appearance correspond to what is indicated in the Transport Document or in the order receipt sent during the shipping confirmation via email.

- that the packaging is intact and not altered, including the sealing tapes.

In case of tampering, breakages, wet packaging, or dents, the customer must ALWAYS ACCEPT the goods "WITH SPECIFIC RESERVE" describing the damage in detail on the courier's delivery receipt. (e.g., Specific Reserve for damage to the carton).

For any doubts at the time of delivery, you can contact our "Customer Service" by phone at +1 123 456 7890.

We recommend the utmost care when opening the packages; scissors or utility knives could damage the product inside.

Upon receiving the material and confirming the presence of damage due to transportation, the customer must report it to the customer service WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving the goods, according to the procedures specified in the "General Sales Conditions" section (in this case, do not discard the packaging until HDcasa confirms).

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1. How do I know when my order will be shipped?

The customer is always informed about the status of the shipment via email (you will receive an email with the Tracking to follow the shipment as soon as the order leaves our warehouses). Additionally, you can check the status of your order within your account on the website under "Orders."

The Tracking indicates the day of delivery but unfortunately does not provide a specific time window.

2. If the courier cannot find me for delivery, will the goods be sent back?

In case the courier cannot find you at the delivery address provided, the courier will make two more attempts. After that, the goods will be held at the nearest branch, and our shipping office will then contact you to arrange a re-delivery.

3. When does the courier deliver the goods?

Deliveries take place only from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to approximately 18:00. The delivery of the goods is made to the address provided by the customer in the order. Alternatively, it is possible to provide the address of a workplace, a neighbor's house, an always-open establishment, or have the goods held at the courier's collection point.

4. Can I schedule an appointment for the delivery?

The courier will contact you by phone or SMS to arrange the delivery (please pay attention to the phone number provided during the account registration).

The delivery is made at street level, near the transport vehicle unless you select the delivery to the floor (with an additional cost) during the order checkout.

If you need a delayed shipment, we can postpone the shipment for a maximum of 30 days. After placing the order, write to us at to request a delayed shipment.

If you have any doubts, please contact our "Customer Service"

Pickup at our headquarters

HDcasa offers the option to pick up ordered products directly from our warehouses in Olevano Sul Tusciano (SA), Via E. De Filippo 24, 84062, by appointment.

It is always NECESSARY to schedule an appointment in advance with our staff, by notifying them via email at or by calling +39 0828 047 989 (as it is a warehouse and not a showroom, for security reasons); without an appointment, our staff is not authorized to accept anyone at the warehouse.

The journey of our shipments

Order receipt
Payment confirmation
Processing receipt
Packaging selection
Delivery of the goods to the courier
Shipment confirmation
Sorting to the nearest branch
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