Roller mosquito nets 150x250 cm with 32 mm box white side opening

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Roller mosquito nets 150x250 cm with 32 mm box white side opening.

The roller roller mosquito nets are easy to assemble they have an external structure in high quality painted aluminum, the structure is sturdy ensuring a long service life, it fits perfectly and the mesh is washable and replaceable. Assembly is quick and easy there is no need for the installer.

The guide profiles with toothbrush guarantee the stability of the net, the two handles and the cord facilitate the opening and hermetic closing, the 42 mm box is rounded while the opening profiles are equipped with plastic handles that allow a practical and fast hooking and release. Also equipped with felts both along the profiles, both above the structure and under the mosquito net for windows; this additional precaution prevents even the smallest insects from passing.

It is shipped with assembly kit and detailed instructions in Italian.

The fastest, most efficient and elegant solution to defend your interior spaces from mosquitoes and other insects, allowing the passage of air and light!


  • Vertial winding
  • Reducible completely in height, in width up to a maximum of 20cm
  • Brush guide
  • Paste material: fiberglass
  • Aluminum structure: fire-painted
  • Facility of maintenance and cleaning
  • Metric auction to facilitate operations
  • Mounting kit
  • Wheels and screws
  • Guide stones
  • Viti and Tasselli
  • Coat elements

Made in Italy product by a leading company in the mosquito net sector for over 20 years.


Data sheet

Funzione dimensione test
150 x 250 cm
colore test
Zanzariere a rullo per finestre
Kit Fissaggio
Materiale telo
Fibra di vetro
32 mm
Materiale Struttura
Verniciatura Struttura
Verniciatura a fuoco

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