Electric Hand dryer 900W Vama SMART JET MINI LF polished chrome

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Electric Hand dryer 900W vama SMART JET MINI LF polished chrome.

Ideal for high turnout, superfast with very high energy-saving performance. Its dimensions are compact, its contemporary design make it versatile for any context, immediate air heating. Only the simultaneous use of lamp and filter guarantees an absolute and certified level of hygiene, revolutionizing the partial solutions used with traditional models with nozzle.

Super fast drying in 20 seconds thanks to an impressive airflow at 300 km/h. Automatic operation with adjustable induction distance.

Energy-saving model with maximum absorption 900W: thanks to the adjustable resistance ON-OFF offers great comfort when turned on and maximum flexibility in spring / summer, where you can turn off reducing consumption to only 550W without compromising the air flow and without sacrificing the comfort of heat.

This product guarantees a high efficiency contract use thanks to the powerful air flow that allows to halve the drying times, as well as a considerable energy saving guaranteed by the auto-off system.


  • Type: Electric hand dryer
  • Cover material: ABS polished chrome
  • Basic material: fireproof ABS
  • Functioning: Automatic
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Insulation: Class II
  • Protection index: IP 23
  • Motor type: Brushes
  • Brushes: 500 hours
  • Autorp speed: 28,000 rpm
  • Motor absorption: 400 W
  • Total absorption: 900 W
  • Ressting absorption: 500 W
  • Adjust aut.: 60 sec
  • Air speed: 200 km/h
  • Air flow: 110 mc/h
  • Sound level (2 mt.): 75 db
  • Operfour sensitivity adjustment: YES
  • Drying time: 20 sec
  • Weight: 1,2 Kg
  • Size: 238 x 156 x 99.5 mm
  • Supply: Bipolar 10A
  • Quality marks: CE RoHs WEEE

This electric hand dryer is characterized by a strong power but a low noise. We recommend it for accommodation facilities.


Data sheet

Indice di protezione
IP 23
Spegnimento aut.
80/90 sec
Materiale cover
ABS - cromato
Assorbimento Motore
400 W
Tipologia Motore
Assorbimento Totale
900 W
Materiale base
Nylon ignifugo
220 - 240
Assorbimento resistenza
500 W

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