Indoor bellows holder 83x214cm in walnut pvc

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Indoor and outdoor bellows door 83x214 cm in PVC Mod. Extra Standard Walnut.

Looking for a practical and economical folding door that is right for you and that meets your needs? Here is the right article for you. We offer you our practical and economical PVC folding doors, which perform their job great. PVC doors are very simple in assembly as they are formed by panels and guides entirely in PVC and very easy to assemble given their practicality in fitting very well to each other, through sliding hooking guides.

Sile doors are a type of economical tailor-made doors but that still perform their task in the best possible way, being foldable allows you to optimize space or divide an environment in two without having to carry out invasive work. Ideal in case of lack of space in the kitchen, cellars, closets etc. Made with top quality materials, our PVC accordion doors make the part dedicated to their cleaning much easier and more practical, being in smooth material and without recesses impossible to reach with the classic cleaning tools such as sponges or fabric cloths.

This type of door is suitable for both walls inside and outside your home or office or any building you own. The bellows door assembly will be so simple that you will not realize that you have already fixed it to the walls of your home. Our folding doors are the solution to the problems of separation of your environments. Rigid PVC product, made in different colors and sizes, versatile and reliable over time thanks to quality and accurate technical processing.

However simple a product may seem, it always hides the best part formed by so much reliability and quality.


  • Type: folding doors
  • Measures: 83 width x cm 214 height
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: walnut
  • Product strictly Made in Italy

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