Above ground pool Bestway 56456 Power Steel rectangular 412x201 H.122 cm

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Above ground pool Power Steel by Bestway.

Have you decided to install a swimming pool in your garden to find some relief from the summer heat? Would you like a product with high performance while spending the right? If the answer is yes, we have perhaps the solution that could do for you. Specifically, it is the swimming pool with above-ground installation Power Steel model. The power steel pool rectangular represents the last frontier of above-ground pools. This line of pools for the enjoyment of the whole family is expressly designed to last a long time and is the best choice for the garden, thanks to the sturdy oval frame made of steel tubes. The rust-resistant metal structure is wrapped in three layers of PVC and polyester, while the Seal & Lock system allows to guarantee a safe and resistant structure.The uniqueness of this design prevents the formation of rust and prevents the passage of water inside the joints of the structure. The ChemConnect float ensures the cleanliness and care of the water in which you dive. The dispenser releases only the amount of chlorine needed to maintain chemical balance. The TriTech material gives the metal structure greater strength and solidity, and thanks to the Seal & Lock anti-rust system more than 75% of normal corrosion is avoided. The interior of the above-ground pool structure in rectangular Power Steel 412x201x H.122 cm is decorated with a fantastic mosaic print.

Quality, strength, durability unbeatable and easy and fast assembly. Are these the strengths of a Power Steel pool, the best choice for your family and for your garden.

REPILOGO Features:

  • Size 412x201x H.122 Cm
  • Materials: PVC/TRITECH™, structure anti-corrosion metal
  • Light Grey Color
  • Total mounted product footprint 462 x 254 x 122 cm
  • Capacity: 11,532 L
  • Weight: 74 Kg;


  • Filtering pump cartridge
  • Safety box
  • The dispenser ChemConnect

Mounting it will be child's play: in just 30 minutes the fun of many summers will take shape before your eyes.


Data sheet

colore test
grigio chiaro
PVC, Acciaio, Poliestere
122 cm
201 cm
412 cm
Capacità (L)
8124 l
Altezza massima dell'acqua
110 cm

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