Shower cabin Luna 80x100 cm in pvc central bellows opening

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Extendable shower cabin 80x100cm with PVC bellows, two sides, double door, with central opening at right angles

PVC is an acrylic material widely used in modern furniture for its many properties such as resistance, water repellency and high resistance to acids. PVC profiles have a sturdy and lightweight frame.

Facile to clean: Our boxes are made of water-repellent materials and equipped with a special sliding system of the doors that prevents the deposit of dirt in the tracks and the accumulation of water.

The use of PVC makes the shower enclosures reducible by cutting the guides, adapting the size to your needs. This shower cabin is equipped with a sliding closing system, able to facilitate the closure of the box and avoid accidental impacts. The 2.0 mm bamboo effect PVC panel improves the safety of your shower enclosure by offering an ergonomic product. The pastel white sliding profiles can be reduced by 10 cm, facilitating the installation of the shower enclosure even in oversized showers. The outer handle offers an ergonomic opening mechanism.

Our shower enclosures are the only ones that have an articulated joint that allows you to adapt perfectly even in case of out-of-square walls, eliminating the use of any additional thicknesses. It has a patented system of release of the doors that simplifies installation; the door can be dismantled without tools and allows easy cleaning.

The height of 185 cm facilitates the assembly of the box, ensuring maximum compatibility. The installation of the shower enclosure is reversible: it can be mounted both with right opening and with left opening.

On request it is possible to change the height of the product, applying a supplement of 30% to the purchase price.

If you want to safeguard your health and the environment around us, buy the PVC shower enclosure online. One of the advantages of this material from the point of view of cleaning is that it does not facilitate the formation of mold and limescale scale.


  • 80 shower door reducible (by cutting) up to 70 CM, height 185CM
  • Guides can be easily cut (up to 10 cm per side) with a hacksaw to adapt the product to all shower trays
  • two sides - two bellows doors with central opening
  • Patented sliding system, water flows directly into the shower tray
  • Sourable product, impact resistant and in line with current regulations
  • Color: white with semi-transparent panels
  • INOX steel screws resod corrosion guarantee, HANDLES and PVC paneling
  • Water and abrasion resistant material
  • Product complies with all current regulations, complete with dowels and assembly instructions
  • Easily installable even with walls and shower tray not perfectly perpendicular (Fuori Squadra)

To install the box is enough:

The assembly of the shower enclosure is easy and does not require excessive time. The procedure consists of a few simple steps:

  • Fix the structure to the wall with the supplied dowels
  • Insert the doors in the guides
  • Seal everything with silicone (not included)

Thingsuffe doors allow you to have a wide opening of the box, in fact each reducible from about 14cm closes in only 2.5cm. Some examples:

  • 70cm tant is closed in about 23cm
  • 80cm tant is closed in about 25cm
  • 100cm tant is closed in about 28cm


  • 70x80 - adjustment margin: 60-70 x 60-70
  • 70x90 - adjustment margin: 60-70 x 60-70
  • 70x100 - adjustment margin: 60-70 x 60-70
  • 80x90 - adjustment margin: 70-80 x 80-90
  • 90x100 - adjustment margin: 70-80 x 90-100
  • 80x120 - adjustment margin: 70-800 x 110-120

The adjustment margin is customizable: for doubts, clarifications or requests do not hesitate to contact us

Suffe doors are already assembled, so the product is shipped ready for installation: just fix the wall structure and insert the door according to your needs.

A wide range of shower enclosures of all types and sizes is available on Hdcasa! Choose the size that suits you.


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